Weekend Escapade at Olango Island

How far can you go with P500? Would you believe if I tell you that we spent only P500 for 2 days and 1 night stay at Olango island includ...

How far can you go with P500? Would you believe if I tell you that we spent only P500 for 2 days and 1 night stay at Olango island including the transportation? Yes! It's totally possible. Imagine yourself biking around the island, visiting sanctuaries, swimming with the fishes, and an overnight camp in a very peaceful place ... Petrificus Totalus! It's indeed a worthwhile weekend I spent in Olango with Camp Wasted Team. Check out our story and the summary of our trip at bottom of the page:

Pedal here, Pedal there!

The moment we arrived at Sta. Rosa Port from Hilton Wharf, we immediately look for a tricycle that could bring us to Brgy. Candagsao so we can rent a bike and start the fun. Luckily, we got a friendly driver who took us to the bike rentals. We are accommodated by the owner of the bikes and provided us with stunning and colorful bikes which you can rent for only P10 per hour. Since we don't know yet where to go, we are advised by the locals to try visiting the Marine Sanctuary at Brgy. Talima. You can actually use Google there, internet connection is working perfectly. Arrived at Brgy. Talima after 2 hours of biking since one of my friend was still working on how to drive a bike but for us pro-bikers, it will only take 30 minutes at least. But without her, the bike escapade wouldn't be that fun. It's almost 3 hours after we arrived back at the bike rentals yet we are only charged for P25 each. Lucky!

Camp Sawi, este Island Eco - Park

From Brgy. Candagsao, we rode a motorcycle to Brgy. Asinan so we can set-up our tents to settle up for the night since it's almost 6 PM after our bike adventures. We are immediately welcomed by Ate IDK (Actually, I forgot her name! I just know that she is the President of the community which consists of 27 families who managed the Eco Park) So Ate IDK gave us an area where we can set-up our tents. She was very accommodating! It's almost 8 PM after we fully set-up our sleeping camps. Butterflies here, butterflies there! Hmmm .. There is a rally forming inside our tummies. We are shocked when we learned that there are no carenderias near the camp. But luckily, the fairy godmothers of Asinan came to us and offer us help with our dinner. They let us bought their stocks (Rice and canned goods) and help us cook them and they lend us the utensils. Dinner is saved! It's almost midnight and we decided to have a little shot. We approached ate IDK so we can buy something to drink, I was like cast with 'immobilus' spell when she told us the price. 1 Liter coke is P45 and Emperador is P100 ... Intense! But still we had fun - dancing throughout the shoreline cause we own the place that evening until we got tired and sleep ... ZzZzzZ ...

Bird Sanctuary - Tweet it!

Woke up suuuuuper early at the camp to witness the sunrise. We had coffee and bread sponsored by Gardenia, LOL. We immediately dismantle our tents and proceed to look for motorcycle way to Brgy. San Vicente. We arrived at the Bird Sanctuary where we are charged P30 each for the entrance fee. And we are provided with one binoculars. Luckily, we are the only group of people that early morning in the place but it was low tide so there are only a few birds we saw from the viewing deck.  But it is still worth it because the place is indeed spectacular. We found peace at that place while listening to the birds singing like melodies in our ears. Char! We also enjoyed feeding the fishes with our supposedly-snack which became fish foods.


We were supposed to head home after visiting the birds but we just learned that the Boardwalk is only walking distance from the Sanctuary. So the explorers head out to Boardwalk with no hesitation. We are so glad to find that the resort is serving seafood! Hooray! It was a pleasant lunch. We started our steps on the boardwalk which is actually longer than I expected. Upon reaching the end, these friends suddenly turned into mermaids. Great place for snorkeling! Lots of starfish and other marine creatures. You'll totally love it.


- Always Stay Happy - 

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